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Healthcare data breaches continue to occur all over the country and, as we have seen, can impact alarming numbers of patient health records. The lack of adequate training on the various HIPAA privacy and security laws plays a key role in the reason these types of breaches continue to occur.  

In response to a growing need in the healthcare industry for quality HIPAA training services, Nivola Healthcare Solutions offers its clients affordable as well as in depth, high quality and up-to-date online training. Our online courses are engaging and utilize the latest research in learning science to ensure the acquisition and retention of critical knowledge to minimize privacy and security issues. We go the extra mile at Nivola with our HIPAA training services to assist you in your HIPAA compliance efforts and to reduce your risks under HIPAA, including the risk of data breaches.  Nivola is a preferred provider to the Harris County Medical Society for our online HIPAA training. Our courses are endorsed by the Texas Health Services Authority, are recommended by the Texas Medical Liability Trust and have been adopted by the University of Texas Austin School of Social Work.

Our goal is to offer you the required HIPAA training at an affordable price and to enhance your HIPAA compliance efforts in as an efficient, easy and painless a manner as possible. We hope you will give one of our training options a try!


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